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MOGAS are an oil company with operations throughout east and central Africa who supply their own range of oils and lubricants. The products MOGAS produce needed a re-fresh so FDS was tasked with coming with a label concept which could be used across the entire range. MOGAS also wanted their products to have a global appeal and a unified look which allowed them to sit as a family as well look great on the shelf.

We created a singular label design which could be colourised to differentiate each product from one another. We also created illustrations to further highlight the products intended use. The design also needed an adaptable format as the different sized containers came in both portrait and landscape. Parts of the label where also in duel language so functionality was a very important process in the design stage.

FDS also created a new look product guide and have been refreshing their business cards, powerpoint presentations, email signatures and also designed a range of clothing apparel.

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